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Наши переводчики

Носитель английского языка (США), переводчик с русского языка на английский, редактор

Переводчик, копирайтер, редактор, автор-призрак. Профессиональный журналист и переводчик, Рэйчел на протяжении многих лет работала в различных новостных организациях, включая BBC, и имеет обширный опыт написания, перевода и редактирования как коротких, так и длинных журналистских, творческих, деловых, академических, научных и технических статей. Носитель английского языка, получившая образование в Кембриджском университете в Великобритании и Колумбийском университете в США, Рэйчел умело адаптирует тексты в соответствии с требованиями британского, американского, академического, технического и повседневного английского. Учившийся в настоящее время в аспирантуре, она также имеет опыт подготовки научных статей для рецензирования.
Оказываемые услуги: перевод / редактирование с русского на английский и с французского на английский текстов любого жанра, включая научно-технические статьи; перевод / редактирование / переписывание резюме,, мотивационных писем 
и рекомендательных писем с русского на английский и с французского на английский; творческий перевод с русского на английский и с французского на английский и редактирование художественных текстов; перевод журналистских, маркетинговых / рекламных и деловых текстов; написание  статьей на английском языке.

Translator, Copyeditor, Editor, Ghostwriter. A professional journalist and translator, Rachel has worked for a wide range of news organizations over the years, including the BBC, and has extensive experience writing, translating, and copyediting short and long-form journalistic, creative, business, academic, scientific, and technical texts. A native speaker of English educated at the University of Cambridge in the United Kindgom and Columbia University in the United States, Rachel skillfully adapts texts to meet the requirements of British, American, academic, technical, or casual English. Currently a PhD student, she also has personal experience preparing long academic articles for peer review.
Services rendered: Russian to English and French to English language translation/copyediting of texts in any genre, including but not limited to, scientific and technical articles; Russian to English and French to English language translation/copyediting/rewriting of CVs, letters of motivation, 
and letters of recommendation; creative translation from Russian to English and French to English and copyediting of literary texts; translation of journalistic, marketing/advertising, and business texts; writing articles in English.

Носитель английского языка (Великобритания), переводчик с русского языка на английский, редактор

Kevin has been working in the languages field for over 22 years since receiving his BA (Hons) in Russian and Soviet Studies in July 1998. Since October 2007 he has been working as a Russian to English translator, editor and proof-reader, and his work encompasses the following areas.
Literary Translation.Translation of books and manuscripts for the mainstream publishing industry, he has worked on 33 book projects for publishing in the fiction and non-fiction genres, as well as biography. These have been a mixture of translation or editing and proofreading projects, which have either been published by leading publishers, or are awaiting publication. The technical areas Kevin has covered are: aviation and aeronautics, metallurgy, electrical power engineering, and the nuclear industry, as well as military history.
Aviation and Aeronautics. Kevin has worked extensively on translation for aviation and aeronautics for publishing and for business for over 10 years, including for the aviation industry itself. He has translated manuals and technical documentation for aircraft and unmanned helicopters, as well as reports and projects for business and translation agencies. In addition He has worked on aviation for publishing, translating work by Russian historians that is published by leading magazine and book publishers and accepted into a leading academic library. This work brings unpublished research to English-speaking readers for the first time. Kevin's expertise in this field is underpinned by his membership of the Royal Aeronautical Society in the UK.
Business and Media Projects. In addition, Kevin has successfully completed projects for business in a variety of fields, including for translation agencies. He has worked with business owners on transcreation and marketing projects for sites such as LinkedIn as well as voiceover for marketing. His work for the media has encompassed a wide variety of areas such as: technology, media, electric cars and transport, the environment, AI, consumer economics, geology, the natural environment, tourism, and culture.